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Portable shoehorn:#03 Crocodile

Portable shoehorn:#03 Crocodile

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The material used is solid brass C2680P. Brass is hard and durable, making it a valuable material when making design products.
Additionally, like leather products, the color of the surface of brass products will slowly change depending on the environment in which they are used and the time they are used.

When brass comes into contact with air and human hands, its color gradually deepens, changing over a long period of time from golden to amber, dark brown, and then to black.


While leather-wrapped shoehorns have the advantage of putting less strain on the heel of the shoe, they have the disadvantage that the thick leather makes it difficult to put on shoes.

So we thought about how to create a shoe horn that would not put pressure on the heel of the shoe, and would also be easy to put on.

That's why we use brass that is 20% thicker (t = 1.2 mm) than regular metal shoe horns, chamfer the metal edges into a semi-cylindrical shape to prevent scratches on shoes, and polish the plate surface to make it easier for the foot to slide on.
In addition, the width of the shoe horn has been set to 40mm to increase the contact surface area, making it easy to put on and take off your shoes without damaging the opening of the shoe.

Leather handle

The leather of the handle is made of Porosus crocodile, also known as small crocodile, on the front side and BOXCALF from ILCEA, an Italian company, on the back side. In addition, a hard and strong leather called bends, which is used for the soles of shoes, is sandwiched between the handle and the handle to maintain its firmness.

Durability The leather parts are designed to be resistant to stress and deterioration, but each part can also be disassembled and rearranged, replaced, repaired or restored.
In addition, users can customize it by replacing parts to make it easier to use.


The shoe holder itself is designed for portability with a total length of just 78mm, but it can be extended to a maximum of 150mm thanks to a foldable leather handle that is 3.2mm thick, allowing it to fit comfortably in your hand.

The slim, screw-type Tochikan comes with a 35mm brass key ring, so you can attach keys or charms to it, and it is designed to be customised for user use, for example by replacing the key ring with a snap hook or carabiner.

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