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Celebrating our 20th anniversary

On January 31, 2004, Cornoblu (also known as Kiyokado Shoe Store) submitted its business registration and officially launched.
Although there were many twists and turns, we incorporated in 2018 and will finally be celebrating our 20th anniversary at the end of this month.

We have faced many difficulties over these 20 years, but we would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported us along the way. We will continue to work hard as shoemakers and move forward into the future.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support and patronage.

PhilosophyTo create shoes that you can treasure and use for a long time.

The design and fitting of a shoe depends on the shape of the last that forms the base of the shoe.

No matter how beautiful a shoe is, if it is not wearable, it will not function as a shoe. Conversely, no matter how comfortable a shoe is, if it is unattractive, it will not be loved as a shoe.

As shoemakers, we pay particular attention to fitting, design, and materials, and use the best techniques to create a pair of shoes for our customers. We believe that bespoke shoes (custom-made shoes) made from wooden lasts created by our craftsmen are developed by the customer as they are worn and broken in, and finally become a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes.

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Our shoes are under construction.

In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, Corno blu offers a variety of custom-made styles, including MADE TO ORDER, MADE TO MEASURE, and BESPOKE .


There are 12 shoe designs to choose from, including the classic Oxford style, slip-ons, and derby shoes, and the leather used is box calf from Italy's Ilcia.
The size is 1/4 pitch, which is finer than the usual half pitch.
Available in 19 sizes from UK5 (23.5cm) to UK91/2 (28.0cm).
The lasts are made from R147 round toe and S145 square toe.

Goodyear Welted

Shoe tree ¥12,000+tax

Delivery time: about 4 months


Since it is a one-off production by hand, it will be handled from hand sewing. Based on the base last (wooden mold), we adjust the upper and insole of the last to improve the fitting in detail.
If you request, we can also check the fit by stitching the garment.

By designing the design pattern, it is possible to draw the ideal shoe design. You can specify the design in detail, including leather combinations, medallions, and original perforations.

Hand-sewn + machine bottoms ¥150,000+tax

Fully handmade ¥220,000+tax

Shoe tree ¥12,000+tax

Delivery time: about 4 months


We measure your feet, create an individual LAST (wooden mold), and then try on resin checked shoes and leather trial shoes to create your personal LAST.
We understand the condition of our customers' feet, and carefully consider the design, materials, and stitching while keeping in mind the structure of the shoe, to create a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes.

Initial wooden mold fee ¥35,000 + tax

Handsewn Standard ¥240,000+ tax

Fully handmade ¥270,000+ tax
(Beveled waist, fiddle back, pitched heel)

Delivery time: Approximately 6 months

A bespoke shoe (custom-made) specialty store run by artisans who have studied traditional handmade shoemaking techniques and design in the ancient Italian city of Florence.

In addition to creating original handmade shoes after taking measurements and creating wooden shoes and stitching them after fitting, we also develop original ready-made shoes based on the techniques we have cultivated in making custom-made shoes.

2004.01 Founded CORNO BLU in Fukuoka
2010.09 Launch of machine-made ready-to-wear shoes

2014.03 Newly established and relocated workshop to Sakurazaka, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City

2018.07 Corno blu Inc. was established and incorporated
2023.01 Celebrating 20 years since opening

Santo Spirit Association

About us



Yutaka Seigaku

June 1999 Impressed by Italian leather crafts, he traveled to Italy alone.
2000.03 Italy Firenze: Laudato Grosseto: IL Riccio
2001.07 Italy Firenze: Studied under Roberto Ugolini
2004.01 Founded CORNO BLU Seikado Shoe Store
2014.03 Newly established and relocated workshop to Sakurazaka, Fukuoka City



Hiroyuki Kato

Born in Fukuoka City

2004.03 CORNO BLU Seikado Shoe Shop Apprentice
2008.07 CORNO BLU

2023.04 Independent CORNO BLU Outworker



Noriyuki Murakami


2022 03 Graduated from Kobe Medical Welfare College, Sanda Campus, Department of Orthopedic Shoes

2022.04 Arizono Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Upper and Lower Limb Orthotics Section
2023.02 CORNO BLU Internship

2024.02 CORNO BLU

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