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Émondage ILCEA Box-Calf Machine

Émondage ILCEA Box-Calf Machine


The application for registration of Fukuoka Hometown Tax Return Gifts has finally been approved. Donations can be made through the following website.

A minimalist wallet specializing in cashless transactions

A slim, minimalist wallet with no coin case, only two pockets and space for three cards.

Made with Italian ILCEA BOX calf leather

SIZE: 12.2mm x 8.7mm x 5mm

  • Returns Policy

    If you return the product for your own reasons, you will be responsible for the return shipping fee. Please note that we cannot refund the shipping fee from our company to you.
    In the unlikely event that the product delivered is defective or different from the product you ordered, we will promptly accept your request for a return or exchange.

  • Caution regarding product color fading

    Products that are dyed dark colors may fade due to friction and may stain other clothing, bags, chairs, etc.
    In general, the color will fade more easily when the material is hot and humid (when it gets wet in the rain, after washing, when you sweat, etc.).

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